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We offer a range of therapeutic services that create a holistic and safe healing space where people from all walks of life can come to rebuild brokenness and redefine negative narratives and mindsets.

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Through interventions such as talk therapy, art therapy, one to one / family therapy, workshops, events, and short courses, pearls of wisdom provides practical steps to set goals and achieve dreams whilst digging deep to explore the crucial components of self-compassion and how its application in our lives can facilitate and promote emotional and mental well-being.

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Your wounds are probably not your fault but your HEALING is your responsibility


Falling in love with yourself first doesn't make you vain or selfish it makes you INDESTRUCTABLE


There is no justified resentment.



Jummy is a wife, mother of four amazing children, an author, spiritual life coach, therapeutic practitioner, and social entrepreneur. Jummy has over 20 years’ experience working with young people and families facing difficult circumstances. In her own words, she has been dedicated to working with disadvantaged youths and families with complex needs since she was a young person herself. From the age of 18, Jummy has worked in a range of youth work settings, ranging from youth clubs, social services, youth offending teams, and more recently, as a systemic family therapist before deciding to take a bold step to pursue her dreams as a full-time author and social entrepreneur.

The negative experiences Jummy faced as a child compelled her to actively pursue positive change in her community and to assist people who are or have faced similar incidences to overcome and excel regardless of their early trauma or unfortunate incidents.

Jummy believes in equality and justice for all. She is completely dedicated to creating positive solutions, advocating for change, and speaking out for the less fortunate. She has rallied, protested, and organised numerous fundraising events, functions, and platforms where young people and adults can feel relaxed, unjudged, heal from their trauma, and be heard.

Jummy is extremely creative and versatile in her approach to providing a range of support, guidance, and therapeutic practices and services within the community. The core values of her businesses are to provide employment opportunities, uplift and encourage the brokenhearted, and create solid, reliable, and accessible support systems within the community.

Jummy believes it is absolutely vital that we dig deep and unravel issues surrounding trauma and emotional and mental well-being, as this is the true gateway to complete mental freedom, authenticity, and success.

In her recent book Permission To Shine Jummy shares her own experiences with early trauma and the ways in which she overcame a number of extremely challenging times in her life. From growing up in a house raging with violence and crime to rebuilding her own identity and reaching for the stars and beyond!

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